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Cayuga (not Seneca) 24Feb11


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Tried to get the Lilboat out by 930 on the south end of Seneca today but found both launches all iced in. :(

Went to plan B at T-Falls park and met a couple boats at the launch who were coming in and said the fishing was slow :(

Winds were up a little more than predicted but lake appeared to be fishable with a forecast for calmer later.

After shooting the breeze for a while we made it out at 1130. :) Went south and no hits for the first mile then started to hit a few here and there down to the point.

Managed to boat 3 nice LL (over 20", biggest 5-6lb) during the first south troll, although no bait was seen today on the screen today. We did have a couple doubles although the fishing slowed as the winds calmed during the afternoon.

Fish had no lamprey marks and appeared to be not as fat as in January.

Good job on the rods Zach. :yes:

Thanks for the pics RJ.



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hey man nice fish!!!! i just want to pick your brain if you dont mind, how deep where they and what where you using? are you going back out this weekend? my dad and i where thinking of launching there this weekend but we might go over to seneca for pike and perch. good luck and if your going fishing this weekend post your results. good luck!!

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We had the same plan....Seneca was froze so we launched at T-Falls later than I care to. I wish I could boast but I can't, we didn't boat a fish, lost one on wire and one on lead. The conditions sucked and that with a couple of tangles made it the slowest day that I've had for a long time. Can't have it great all the time! :(:( The weatherman blew it yesterday. It's going to take a few warm days for the launches at Watkins to thaw out. We pulled out at It's going to be a few 11:30.

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As far as what we were using see


We never set up the rigger cause its just a mini trol and typically gets hit less than the other set-ups unless "Doc-tor-wiz" is on board running it ;)

Fish hit in 120-160 FOW (on top stickbaits / off lilplaners or straight down the chute)

Copper took more (2 of 3) we kept

Dipsy (fly) only took 1 hit but it took the biggest :yes:

We saw another little boat get the net a couple times.

The ice on the launches is sad. Group who went out first said the bubblers were not on when they went out and had to bust it to launch. When we launched the bubblers started as we were taking off but again were not on when we came in.

It was slower than past trips but that's fishing sometimes.

We are hoping to go again sat or sun.

Maybe RJ and I will be able to reel one in.

Good luck and tight lines.

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The Watkins launch was solid ice, we discussed Severne but couldn't be sure if that was clear so we chose T-Falls because of the bubbler...........obviously the wrong choice ;(;( Does Severne ever freeze?

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thanks for the Severne recommendation. We contemplated that choice, but the South Winds were a little strong for the 14ft 'lil boat'. There were whitecaps 6 miles down the lake on Thursday AM early.

Lots of large ice chunks blocking the launch at the village marina out to a good 100ft when we got there around 10am :(

Would have like to fish the Seneca South end after seeing those glowing reports. maybe a Sunday trip for us also.

Good luck and tightlines this weekend if ya get out.

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