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tekota 800 reels


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I just bought to new Tekota 800's for my copper rigs. Can anyone give me some info on line capacity. We're gonna put 600ft of 45 pound copper on them. i want the most backing i can put on em. i thought that 300yds of 40lb power pro would be OK. Will that fit? If not, what the best alternative. And i don't about anybody else but i am getting the itch baby, lets go fishing!!!!!!!!!!!

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I would agree with info from all responses so far

150 yds is about tops on a (Tekota 800 w/500' copper) quite frankly in a perfect world you would be fine, but not the case when chasing our Kings on LO

After last years quality of Kings you may be hard pressed at times to have an adequate amount of backing for a few of the initial runs

Other thoughts when choosing to load a copper reel with an adequate amount of backing:

-At times you may hang bottom on a turn or during a small speed change, if so your looking at busting off your copper section and your rig (value: $50 to $70, copper, swivels, attractors, flies or etc.) with an adequate amount of backing you would increase your chances of swinging around and getting your gear back

-At times you will hang another "long-line" from another troller, again with adequate backing you increase your chances of getting your rig back

-If disaster strikes (as it has for all of us) and you hang your copper section into another one of your own rigs, you may need to chop down some of your backing, thus leaving you with less than you started with, or an inadequate amount, enough to possibly finish out your trip if your copper rig is hot that day, with not enough backing you hang that rod up for the day

-Once your become more experienced with the art of running copper you can start to run multiple rigs, thus utilizing your presentations off boards, with an in-adequate amount of backing and running your copper rig out onto a board (60 to 100') your increasing your odds even more of getting spooled in any of the above mentioned scenarios

I sell literal tons of copper over the course of a season, and I have never been guilty of sugar-coating its "not so user-friendly tendencies", but with that said most of the winningest teams on LO use copper as a daily staple when targeting Kings for obvious reasons. The stuff works !!!

We just don't get to ail in that perfect world, lol


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