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S2462.....3 Rod/Person


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So if this passes, is there any chance it will become law for this season or will it have to wait till next?

If it passes, we will be lucky to see this in the next decade. NYS is not the quickest at getting things done. All joking a side, I believe it would be 2012. The regs are changed every 2 years.

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It is not a regulation.It is a law and if passed it would be in effect as soon as the Gov signs.....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)

That would be great! MIght have to start looking into another copper set up or 2.

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This BILL (S2462-2011) as passed by the Senate and sent to the Assembly (currently sent to DEC) IS STATEWIDE FOR ALL FRESHWATERS.

It is not restricted to L/O or fishing from boats. It changes the current general fishing regulation from TWO lines per person to THREE lines per person.

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