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Cayuga 27FEB11


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Launched lilboat at T-Falls park at dawn with RJ.

First inside (40-80') troll south had us on fish most of the way to Crowbar point.

Some quality fish came on the copper, dipsey, leadcore and planered stickbaits.

Marked bait and fish quite a bit along the way.

Sun came out-fish shut down and then made the move out for a deeper troll.

Not much going on deep for us, so moved back inside and fish were cooperative again (It also clouded up)

Thanks to RJ for pics and letting me reel in some :yes: "No, you take it"

Nice day to be on the lake



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lilboat We were in the tracker boat. We also did very good on LL. We did not arrive until 9a.m fished mostly 40ft to 140ft flat lining rapalas. Still no browns!!!! Are you catching any browns at all? Thanks for any information on the brown trout fishing? I'm having a tuff time catching those buggers? good fishing!!!!!!!!!!!

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Great catch - the early season LLs in Cayuga are great fish.

You have forced my hand - I will be putting the Blue Heron jr in the garage on Fri and getting it set up - time to declare winter over and get on with some fishing

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is that a old mirro craft you're in???

awesome boat, I have 2....

Lilboat is an older 14ft Starcraft Deep V with a newer Merc 15hp-4stroke

Mainly use it on Cross Lake, but she does like to play on the Finger lakes (weather permitting).

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