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State of the lake meetings


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Yeah!! No kidding.. 14-15lb 2 year olds last year on the bar!!!!

Anyone who fishes Lake Ontario for any species should attend these meetings. As Capt. Vince has stated, attendance to these events are important to show support for our world class fishery and how important an asset it is to upstate and western New York.

See you there!

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Thanks guys! I will be attending the Lockport mtg Thurs March 3rd(TMW). Hope all that can do make the effort to attend.

While we surely understand their economic woes and constraints, the Salmon and trout programs are part of the solution.

Despite what you may or may not hear, the pressure on Kings is at an all-time high around the Lake from both countries. The smelt are back and there were immense numbers of over-sized Alewives in several locations. We could stand a shot in the arm regarding Chinooks however possible, whether it's increased numbers or a higher percentage in pens.

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