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ray koziatek


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i have some friends heading that way monday almost 4 hr drive and they could use some tips if any one can help pm me if its top secret ,or post here please i might get a filet or two. Thank You Ray.K.

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check that, i just looked at th winds for the wknd. 20 mph both day. i'll wait a week

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Ray.. A bit late, but I was out there a few weeks ago and the bigger walleye were in fairly shallow.. 40-50 ft. We did best pulling silver or copper spoons behind boards running about 30 ft. down. They may have moved out over deeper water by now.. and they may prefer stickbaits or crawler harnesses.. so I'd tell your friend to be ready to experiment! I'll be out there next Wed. and will start with a full assortment till they tell us what they want. Lots of help..huh ;) Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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Sorry for the late pickup of this post. I don't often check this particular

LOU tab...maybe I should.

I have a charter service docked in Dunkirk, so I can give you pretty

good info most of the time.

Its been up and down of late. Some of the guys do great 1 day, and

so/so the next. If you get on the fish, there have been some real

nice catches.

Big slide divers with junior t-sticks, yecks or DW super slims; lots

of harnesses off the big boards with either small divers or jets. Until the

last blow (today!), west has been better than east, but that may all

change especially if it goes NE.

Big tournament this weekend, so I should have some updated info

by Sunday night. Lots of days upcoming on the lake too.


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