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Greetings from Florida fellow salmonheads!!

Does ANYONE have a confirmation on the Spring Scotty going off?? I can't find the dates documented anywhere. Looking at the calendar we are approximately 6 weeks til go time and still no formal announcement - am I just missing something?

Thanks! Dex

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Copied from another site.

1 - St Kitts - April - 29-30- May 1

2 - Whitby - June - 24-25-26

3- St Kitts - Sept - 2-3-4

In addition to this the overall King Of The Lake Champion will be determined by calculating the scores from 2 of the best scores in Ontario+ the score from the Wilson Invitational. If you fish all three you get an additional 10 points for showing up and you can pick the best 2 out of the three.

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Thanks for the info Trannyman.

What site did you pull the info from? Is it online registration and payments as has been the case for a few years now? Thanks, Dex

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