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Conesus 12/17

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Well, i caught my first December bass today. We hit the water about 8am after a late departure time form Rochester and trying to figure out how to ge the boat to float. From all the powerloading and low water there wasnt much water towards the rear of my boat. Oh well, we fished for 30 minutes and we had two beauties in the boat:



Here are the others we landed:



We ended up losing 2 others. All fish came off Drop-Shot Roboworms in Aarons magic. I hope this weather stays this way so I can get me some bass in January!

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Rig is running good! I had her over 70 the other day. Handles a small chop unbelievable. There are things I want to do and some things I need to clean up, but other than that its turn key go!

Thanks for the suggestions on the site. I am constantly trying to improve it. I have taken some of them and changed it around.

It felt so good to catch SM again!

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Were you the guy I talked to at the launch? If so that sux!

Well, heres how I got my boat to launch: 1st we tried the noth part of the launch and couldnt get her to float of the trailer. So we pulled out and went to the center of the launch. We tried there and again failed, but when we went to pull out the boats back end was on muck and it pulled of the trailer a little. So we backed it in again and the boat floated. I couldnt even lower my motor becasue as soon as it hit he water it would go right into the muck. I had to use the TM to get about 50 yards from shore before I could get the motor in the water enought to start, and I have a hydraulic Jack plate! Good thing I dont draft much. To get it back on the trailer I went in on the TM and we cranked it on my hand.

The reason you couldnt get in was becasue there is a mound out there from all the power loading during the summer. So there is a hole and then a mound behind it. Since the water is so low my back end was siting on the mound. That launch needs some attention! Even during the summer you have to go back so far the front wheel is in the water.

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I was not the guy that you were talking too. I was there by myself :?

I think I could have gotten my boat in and out, but I had no waders to go into the water with. That launch does need some TLC for sure. I didn't know that they took out the floating docks. And then there was all the debris in the launch!!! Oh well. I was just trying to get in the water that day, considering how warm it was and the deer were not moving too much for muzzleloading season.

Actually I met you out at Wilson last spring. Myself, Shorthanded, Dan Jr and Dan Sr were out chasing salmon in the spring LOC. We bumped into you after we were done for the day.

Cool beans man! Thanks for the info!!


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Well, I hate to rub it in but Iam trying to get back down there tomarrow morning. :lol: I had some tips from a guy who has fished there as late as January and caught bass. Basically it is just like what you read in Bassmaster magazine. Winter bass = deep and Winter bass tactics = drop-shot, jigging spoons, and silver buddies. We caught these SM in 27-30 FOW all while drop shoting. When I drop shot I use:

A med- med lt 7' rod

6lb test McCoy clear fishing line

Gammy Octopus hook (forgot the size)

4" roboworms

We basically flipped these 10 yards in front of the boat and slowly worked them back to us. Key with drop shotting is to work the bait and not the weight! You dont want that fish to eat the weight with no hook in it!

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The tournaments start when the season starts. Those are a blast, and I will probably be doing some more this summer since I have a boat now.

As far as spots go we have a select few points that we found held fish. But Im sure since the Sm is a cruising fish that given the day those areas could change. You do see some bait on the screen down there, and 1 or 2 of the fish spit up tiny silver minnows.

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