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Setting up copper - what lengths for Bar/Olcott?


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Ohio based copper newbie setting up three 45lb copper rods for this season. I'll be running 'em off big boards.

I have a 350' (Convector 55) and a 100' (Magda 45) spooled up already. What length would be most useful for the final rod (also a Convector 55)? 200? 250? 450?

I fish the Bar in the spring and inshore/blue zone off Olcott in the summer.

Thanks in advance for any advice. 47 days and counting.


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You should have a 450 or 500 for those middle of the day negative kings. I've caught more than a few that I've marked down 100 ft plus in the middle of the day......I have 2 three hundreds , and 2 five hundred coppers ready to go. I also keep some lead cores handy for the 50 ft and up fish. There are days My coppers are dead and My lead is smokin. Keep your options open....

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Go with the 450' copper for reasons that Missdemeanor stated above.

I have a convector 55 with 450' of copper, and 300 yards of Power Pro backing. It will all fit, but it will be close. I had to use quite a bit tension on the copper spool inorder to put the copper on tight enough to fit into the reel. After catching a couple big fish on it, it will fit into the reel a little better.

Good luck.

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You might consider the third rod to run down the shute. In this case the other two rods run off your boards and the shute rod could be a 450 in 45 lb or a 600 in 30 lb, if that would fit the 55 reel.

In the shute position you can run the copper out any distance you want and not have to worry about a release to hold it.30 lb copper will troll about 2 feet higher than 45 for each 100 feet out.

Depending on lure being pulled, 600 ft 30 lb will get you over 100 feet down up to 120 ft max.

It leaves you a final presentation behind the other two copper on the boards. However a fast pickup reel would be a good idea for 600 ft of copper :muscle:


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