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Don't miss em

dont miss em

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Name: Tom


Home Port:anywhere the ducks r flying and fish r bitin

Boat Name/Type:don't miss em 2011

25' duckwater boat suz225 4stroke and 18 kicker

I fish for:trout and salnom


im the guy with the big duck boat currently fishing outta watkins, duck hunting is my obsession fishing keeps me sane in the waterfowl off season. im just getting back into the trolling this year and have been enjoying great fishing the past few weeks. my boat fishes 7 people and im always looking to take people along. dads with kids move to the head of the line as i havefive kids and they love company on the boat. just a heads up my boat easyly breaks 8" ice so we can open up just about anywhere you want to fish!!!!!

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