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The weather forecast was promising, so Laker John and I decided to hit the water of Lake Ontario for some trout action. We got out on the water about 0945 and had the lines set by 1000, first hit and no hook up at 1020, another at 1040, we were wondering what we had to do to get them to stay on the lure. We switched from spoons to stickbaits.

Saw Grizzly troll by, but with the lines out, opted not to get too close for a chat. We saw him leave for West Point and then we had a strike, landed a nice brown trout. 20 minutes later the rod fired again and Laker John hit a nice 8lber.

To continue to explain each fish would require a long message, so I will summarize the day quickly. We landed seven browns and mised six other strikes. We got our fish on a pink Spro (discontinued lure) and Smithwick Rogues (Blue/Silver/Orange) fishing the off colour water which reached a top temperature of 38.3 degs F.

We had a pair of double headers and managed to land two of them - Oh Darn!!!!!!

The pix below indicate the quality of the fish. We got off the water at 1700, it was a long and tiring day but with good results.



Nice to be back on the soft water.

Stay Tuned

David aka Superdad

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Hi David,

Looks like you guys had a great day on the water. Those are wonderful pictures.

I am new to trout fishing on Lake Ontario, infact it will be my first year to try it out.

I have been waiting patiently and wondering when I should dewinterize my boat and put it in the water and try out some Lake Trout action.

After reading your post I am very tempted to get the boat ready tomorrow and take it for some fishing on Sunday if the weather holds up.

I will probably put it in the water at Scarborough Bluffs.

If you have any pointers that will help a newbie, it will be greatly appriciated.

All the best


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The weather sucked, it even snowed so didnt get a chance to go on the water.....maybe next week....still trying to figureout where and how to install the cannon downrigger....I have a Fish and Ski fiberglass boat and was wondering if its posible to install it on the transom nit sure if it will be strong enough as there is no access to reinforce it from underneath

If you have any suggestions would love to hear....thanks!

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Where there is a will, there is a way. Cannon actually includes directions on how to mount their riggers in different situations. Can you get a hand up there on the underside, to at least get washers and nuts on? Many trailer boaters mount a board across to mount their riggers on. Ask this question in the "This old boat" section of this forum, and you will get lots of help.

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