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Cost of Boat Detailing

Pike Hunter

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Spring is here and I am already late with getting my boat ready IMHO.

What is the average cost for detailing a boat? My boat needs a good wax.

Im in Rochester area and got one quote for $18 to $20 per foot. This does not include power wash and they are asking for an additional $8 a foot for power wash.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

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My brother runs a marine services business in the Charleston, SC area. He assesses the boat prior to quoting the job, but will generally charge in the $20-25 per foot range to wash and detail a boat dependent upon condition and configuration of the boat. I would venture to say that given the configuration of yours it would be on the low end of this range. Just to use as a point of reference, a detail cost plus washing cost on your boat approaching $30/ft seems high, my brother would be charging that rate for a larger flybridge boat that also possessess plenty of saltwater crud on it!

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