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Fishing Report


Man, it’s been a long winter.... Got a new battery, fired her up in the driveway last night and put all the stuff in it. Got gas on the way to the launch & arrived about 6:30. Maybe 6 trailers in the lot.

Gosh darn, I love shakedowns.... Two guys there getting ready, 3rd tied up to ramp #3 with problems starting. Outer ramps each had 2 ft pile of branches but, hey… I can wait. 1st guy launches right down the middle of 2 & 3, closer to the boat tied up than the empty dock. Ok…just a little “rusty†from last year I guess. 2nd guy gets it in on 2nd ramp & parks. So I pull into #2 & un-strap. #2 boat then rearranges gear & cranks his kicker… & cranks, & cranks, & cranks & cranks some more. Boat at #3 gets it started so I back over to ramp 3 while #2 is still cranking. Boat #3 dies. Boat #2 fires up his main plant & takes off, so over to #3 ramp I go. In she goes & I park. Boat #3 gets it going & takes off. No one in line, so I put my weights on, put rods in holders, put my life jacket on & away I go at 7:10. (40 minutes for 2 boats at a 4 lane launch…..guess I'll throw a rake in the truck for next weekend)

Anyways…Clear sky, very slight south wind. River temp 43.5F.


Just at the CG station Boat #3 has his electric motor in & heading back to the launch. Hey you want me to tow you back? No thanks… er, okay… have a nice day.

Of course with the reports off the east side of the river this week, I go west over towards Russell. No one over there. (No fish either.) Surface generally 38.5 but up to 41F in a couple places. Small flocks of birds scattered in 15 to 35 FOW. Some interesting down currents. Only saw one other boat that way.


If he’d of come a little closer, I would of told him about these: :o


If he’d of thrown a little bigger wake, I’d of been tempted to “bust his rodâ€. Nice to know my little boat can still roll over 3 ft’rs pretty well.

Worked back towards the river in 8-10 FOW. No screen activity till out in front of Summerville pier. Working the mudline, I saw the mother-load: :o:o


With some quick thinking, I put on my special org/gld NBK DWSS; lowered it to 25 Ft and within a couple minutes, I had my very first “Genesee Brownie†at 9 ½ Lbs.


You got’ta be kidding me…..

Gosh darn, I love shakedowns….

Blue water at 50 FOW. Off at 11:45. At least the boat ran well.

Luck to all,

Tom B.


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When I see a graph like that in front of river up to the first week in May, my first thoughts are Lakers or Sheephead? I just hope Asian Carp don't get here.......another species to weed thru and intreprete on the graph.

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idn - Those e'rudes are real workhorses. (I'd check fuel 1st - may have a lot of water in it.) Good luck with it.

Kappy - It's about a ft & 1/2 diameter on the left & 8" on the right & about 25 ft long. Guaranteed to do some serious damage to your lower unit. Saw 3 of them about the same size. (logs)

Gill - we'll need radar to spot asian carp not sonar. :o

Tom B.


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