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Thanks Solgrande

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Solgrande, Comes through for the Bait Fish Fund again! Yesterday at the Muskie Odyssey he handed me another $80 he donated to the Bait Fish Fund from his eBay sales of lures.Bob has donated to the Bait Fish Fund a percentage of his eBay sales many times and I just wanted to take a minute to say Thanks! With all the efferts to raise funds by Bob,Zach,Oldman,the rest of the great guys here on LOU and everyone else that joins in on the Chautauqua Tourneys, our NY State Purebred Muskie Fisheries will just keep getting better on our way to World Class!

Capt. Larry D. Jones

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Good job Solgrande! Don't forget about Ray J also! You guys rock and little Colton will grow up fishing the best musky lake in the east b/c of everyones support. Great job and let keep it up! :yes:

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I took a ride today and stopped at the Happy Hooker this afternoon. Brian said he sold a weeks worth of bait today!!! Guys I talked to were pounding the crappies and perch.

I told Brian I wanted another one of those Baker baits. He's sold out again. (I need another lure like I need........well let's just say I don't need any more lures.) He told me not to worry, he's getting more before musky season. Thought it wouldn't hurt to ask for them by name. ;)

Good luck next week in Ohio. No fishing for me until I get the crops planted.

Thanks again to all who play a part in minnow fund raising!

And, Capt. Larry, I don't need to catch a dozen, just a couple of 50's.

Ray J

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