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Monday April 11th – Yankee Report

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Havent been fishing braddocks. We've been fishing the eastern segment of the ponds to russel mostly with no luck. There have been good reports from there recently, and i know there are good fish there. We just cant seem to get them to eat ;( Hopefully we will get into 'em ASAP. Thanks for the tips!

Just curious, but what are you using for lures?

Nk-28s and small sticks, changing colors every 20-30 mins or so.

It all depends. Everyone who went East Sunday had gin clear water and participated in a stoke fest. This time of year its all about chasing that colored water' date=' which is generally the warmer water. South winds will blow that colored water away pretty fast. However, over at Braddocks that bay is wide open and a south wind can move that colored water in the bay right onto that point. Given the structure on that point it can be a great spot for Spring Browns. Don't get me wrong. I have fished East more times that West, but like i said this time of year its all about chasing the water.[/quote]

Thanks for the help, im sure i will be out sometime this weekend. Most likely doing the trolling again but if i pull out the yak it will be casting cleos and such. Hopefully i will get on them. Thanks again

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