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Great Lakes Tackle & Equipment

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Great Lakes Tackle

Ok here is my Tackle Sale which consists mostly of of the Bread and Butter of catching fish ! Most of the lures and such are "NEW". The spoons might have some tarnish but thats to be expected from just being stored. I have lists and color pics if you would like to view them. Just let me know and I will get them to you as soon as I can.

Items Descriptions


Luhr Jensen

Les Davis Herring Dodgers


Luhr Jensen - Dave Davis and Dave Davis Fluted

Lake Huron Bells

Cousin Carl Half Fast



Bechholds 8" & 11"

Capt. Kings Reel Flashers 13", Std., Glo, X-Glo

Challenger Big Eye 8"

Coyote 8"

Hot Spot 11"

Ok'I Lil Shooter 8" & Big Shooter 11"


G Fly's

Horse Fly's

Spanish Flies

& Other Flies

Meat Heads:

Capt. John Kings


Rhy Davis

Twinkie Twinkie Rigs


Dreamweaver Regular & Magnum

Eppinger Evil Eyes


Joe's Original Pirate

Luhr Jensen- Cleo's, Loco's, Needlefish, Rattlesnake, Diamond Kings

Michigan Stingers Regular and Magnum

Northport Nailers

Pro Kings Regular and Magnum

RAC Walleye

Wolverine Silver Streaks Regular and Magnum



#2, #3 and #4

Dipsy Divers:

Luhr Jensen size "0", 2 3/4"

"Please E-Mail me for quantity, sizes and color availibility on Dodgers, Flashers,

Fly's, Meat Heads and Spoons"

"I also have a large collection of ""Original"" Storm Thundersticks, ThinFins, Wiggle

Warts and Hot 'n Tots"

I also have Bomber Long "A" in 3 3/4" and 5"

Please E-Mail me for Sizes and color availibility on crank and stickbaits

Majority of these Items are "NEW"

Contact: [email protected]

Note: Please have patience, as I try and respond as soon as possible ,,,,,,, Thanks in advance .....

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