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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Reel Stripper





Time on Water:6 AM-2PM


Wind Speed/Direction:SSE- 20-30

Waves: 2-3

Surface Temp: 44-46

Location: Bluffs to High rocks





Total Hits:20

Total Boated:18

Species Breakdown:Browns

Hot Lure: Stingers

Trolling Speed: 2.6-2.9

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 10'-20'

Lure Depth: Flat line




Headed out of Little Salmon at 06:00, headed west. We picked up our first hit in 20' of water Just past the A frame, continued west and started to hook up from the Bluffs to the High rocks with the best action comming just east of catfish.had a double and two tripples along the way. was tough to keep lines in the water with the rain and wind freezing our hands but we toughed it out as long as we could take it. It was well worth it with a 12lb Brown being our largest fish landed and a average of 5-6 pounders, lost a bruiser on the second hit of the day pulled out about 500' of line, hit the surface and spit the hook, that's the way it goes. over all a great day other than the wind and rain.

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That's great to hear that the fishing is that good. Too bad a out the big boy getting away, but that's why they get to grow so big. Were you running those all the stingers just off flatlines in did you mix in the riggers, boards or shallow running dipseys?

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