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Northern King Lures In-house Sale

60 Hojack Park

Rochester, NY 14612

Dates & Times:

4/26 Tues 9:00-5:00

4/27 Wed 10:00-4:00

4/28 Thur 10:00-4:00

4/29 Fri 10:00-4:00

5/2 Mon 10:00-4:00

5/3 Tues 10:00-4:00

5/4 Wed 10:00-4:00

5/5 Thur 10:00-4:00

5/6 Fri 10:00-4:00

Pleanty of old and new colors.

28's, Mag's, M80's C5's, Lites, Flies Bodies

Hooks, Split Rings, Tape, NK T-shirts

New Colors(Color patterns, no one else has)

Good Luck in the Spring LOC

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