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Seneca 4/16 and 4/17

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Well Gents, We braved the waters saturday, waiting til 11 or so to get out there and ended up going 7 for 10 in just a few hours, Wind was heavy out of the south and only being at hector falls, waves were built, BIG!! All fish came in water 70-100 down over 230 FOW.

Sunday, We did well, hit lake at 6 am expecting same conditions, well, weather man was wrong. Wind stayed calm and gentle blow out of the west. Lake was more than fishasble, Hit the East side right away and nailed fish instantly. Leadcores, and riggers were our hot ticket today. Nk, and Stingers being the go to's. Kept two lakers today for the grill. Here is a few pics from the weekend.

Tight Lines,

Nick O.




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Ut Oh! Sounds like another ford chevy debate. :rofl: My vote cannon mag 10's h/s. I run three. 2 mag 10 h/s and 1 mag 10 l/s in the center. I bough it that way but I like the slow speed for the Depth raider probe. Just wish it had a fast retrieve. Cannon has some new models out now that look pretty sweet. ;) I hear good things about Cannon's and Scotty's. Don't think you can go wrong with either. I run wire on mine.

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Well, I have ran cannons For 4 years, but got rid of them bc they were getting weak and i wanted to switch it up with the new rig and try new gear.. and switched to Scottys this year. Currently the scottys have braid on the port and sarboard, and the center has coated cable for the probe. They pull up my 13lb torpedos like its nothing and i have no complaint for them, except, the height of my riggers, you gotta be careful where youre standing, when you hit the up switch, you hit something else!!! :@ dropped to me knees 3 times this weekend as did the other guy on the boat. But i love the performance of the scottys. I will stick with them til they prove me wrong...

Good luck in your search.

Nick O

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