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Port Bay: Smokin' hot today 4/27 w/ pics

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Chowder & Sons / 'Emily'





Time on Water:7:30am-10:00am

Weather/Temp:clouds/sun 70s

Wind Speed/Direction:south 5-15

Waves: 1' or less

Surface Temp: 47






Total Hits: lost track

Total Boated:lost track

Species Breakdown:Cohos,Brown,King

Hot Lure: custom magic marker yozuri

Trolling Speed: 2.6-2.8

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 6-10'

Lure Depth:




Did a father & sons mission up to the Bay today & just clobbered the fish. We could not get more than 2 lines out for the first 45 minutes with a steady rip from the coho population. Stayed on them for a limit and then worked the browns for awhile. Just as we got ready to pull the lines we hooked into a smokin' hot young King that really gave Dad's 8lb test a work out. He hit, launched way out of the water and just took off for Canada with the drag singing. As the spool melted away I finally dared myself to crank down enough on the drag to turn him. What a great time my boys and I had together fishing today!

Elliot cranking in a Coho


Tristan w/ one of the cookie cutters


The old man finally got one to the boat too!


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Andy and crew...Way to go.Where was Hank?????See you soon on Cayuga....Zeke & Cyn(Strike 3)

Hank is busier than all get out! He no sooner gets one boat squared away & he's on the tractor moving another one in! He's got 2 extra guys there and they were all going full bore when we left.

Zeke, I might be back on Cayuga Sat for another batch of Lakers for the smoker, maybe I'll see you out there. -Andy

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