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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Missdemeanor





Time on Water: 0630 to 1100

Weather/Temp: partly sunny

Wind Speed/Direction: see

Waves: less than 2

Surface Temp:42-44

Location: Port of Rochester





Total Hits: 15

Total Boated:12

Species Breakdown: browns cohos and one nasty ole northern.

Hot Lure: Yeck froggy

Trolling Speed:2.2

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth: surface




Shake down for the Missdemeanor. Excellent day on water. ScottB's father Hans ( the original silver fox) joined us today.

Started off slow but we managed to find a small pocket of water that held some fish. We caught a couple of cohos and a northern. Then came the browns. Man they were all nice ones weighing from 8 to 12 lbs. Holy smokes there are some horses around. Fish hit various plugs off the boards, but I'd have to say that the Yeck froggy in the 28 size was the man! If these class of browns are any indication, this summer should produce some real monsters. Tight lines....Cpt. Matt

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Just a testament to the stocking efforts and the adaptability of these fish. It's almost scary to think how big these guys will be by the fall.

Scotty....no question it helped that text message set the tone. Good advice about setting out the brown bomber plug.

Yankee.....you guys are champs at the brown thing. Look at the posts you put out this spring....impressive bro! Good luck in canada

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Shake down run....I'm lucky I remembered my rods and reels.....pics were the last thing on my mind. Little adjustment to the port side motor carb and the ole Miss is back in fighting condition.

Drove by the lake today.....can you say wind surfing? Lake was a little grumpy to say the least.....good luck this weekend boys......

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