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Satellite View of Mud Plumes

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I love that 20 million dollar fishfinder the plumes are normal for this time of year actually the current looks pretty good too, this week should see better catchin if the wind dont whip up the currents too much..but yer right the mud is a tad thick along with a LOT of near waterlogged trees and logs makes for some tricky driving and scattered bait and fishing...hungry fish will head for the edge of the mudline and pockets of pea green water will show up fast IF THE SUN WOULD SHINE MORE THAN 1 HR A WEEK,find that and 99% of the time you find the fish ,this time of year and conditions I might suggest 1 or 2 ....M&m's

PS if you find as little of a 1/2degree surface or down temp along that pea green water um that is a good to great thing,for catchin.........

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