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17.4 pound Steelhead 4/30/11.

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After dealing with engine troubles Friday (didn't think so much can go wrong with boat in storage, IE plugs, thermostat, impeller, fuel filters, and still not running up to full power), we were able to get out on the water first thing saturday morning. Decided to change our orginal plans and fish close to port as the boat did not want to get up to full power. We hit the shallows just west of the Oak and just trolled along the shore. Hitting a few coho's and browns nothing too exciting. decided to head out deeper for the kings, when another captain called me to let me know he just hit a 20+ laker (no one on his boat was in the derby, so it went back in the lake). I head out there and didn't have a rod trip for an hour. Then hit a laker around 8 lbs, reset the rod and took a double on 10 lb lakers. Reset the rods and the rigger popped and pulling hard but not stripping line. My mate had only caught a couple small coho's so I handed him the rod thinking it was another Laker.

Just as I handed him the rod, it came to the surface and took off screaming. When I first saw fish, I said nice king. once it got closer I noticed it had a nice red stripe on the side of it. Holy Crap that is the biggest Steel head I had ever seen. Got in the boat and put it on the BOGO and it weighed 17.8 pounds. I told the guys that was money and lets head to the weigh station.. Offical Weight was 17.4 pounds @35".. This fish just came out of the creek in the last few days. He was still dark with the red stripe, hooked jaw, and milking..

I will post some pics once I get them emailed to me. I was the one who took all the pictures on the boat and for got to take one with my camera.


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