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SchoolMaster- LOC trip to Olcott- pics

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Started off the LOC with a weekend trip to Olcott. Got the boat in the water and on the dock Friday evening- set up and ready to go for Saturday morning.

Left the dock at 5:30 AM sat. morning and decided to make the run west. Set up in 60 FOW between Wilson and the Niagara; in some really nice stained water. There were multiple mud lines, color changes, and temp changes- all in the 60 to 80 foot range. Started off with a 4 rigger and 2 dipsey spread and began taking fish. We ended the day with around 20, every fish boated was over 10 lbs. All kings and lakers. Largest king was 18, largest laker was just under 16. The vast majority came on a green dotted spin dr with a pickled green fly, green/ glow- copper NK- both 28 and mag, white glow spin dr- no see-um fly on the divers.

Sunday- Made the run west again, but the north east wind completly changed the water conditions. All the water was mud.... we took one laker in 80 fow, 14 lbs and change......... Decided to go north to find some better looking water. Made it all the way out to 280 before it changed. The fish being caught were all west of the river, but an additional 20 mile run in 2 to 4 footers was not in our plan book. Back to the trailer and out to breakfast by 10:00 AM. Hauled the boat back to Sandy to put it at our regular dock. Decided to check the lake out to see what the conditions were. Fished for about 30 minutes and caught brown- about 8 lbs.... on a GFR just west of the creek.

Great weeked of spring fishing!!-- good luck to everyone in the LOC- here are a some pics....




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Hi Foster

How is the new ride treating you? I still have not put the boat in the water yet but i did get it out of the barn so i hope to be fishing shortly after the spring Loc, i will give you a holler on the radio when I get out.

Take care


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