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Billy V in Wilson, May 1, 2011

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Today we were joined by Chris and his Dad Tom for a morning trip out of Wilson. Jay and I had fished the day before, so we were pretty confident that we had a program dialed in for today. But, as often happens, Mother Nature had her way with us and threw some East winds into the equation. The nice colored water that we had yesterday had been replaced with coffee colored water everywhere we looked. Ugh! There were no definitive temp or color breaks for miles either direction of port, so we headed back to yesterday's waypoints and set up. We had a slow pick of Lake Trout for the first few hours of the trip and the East winds kept the lake riled up enough that we really had to pay attention to our GPS and the waypoints we were working. But then the winds began to subside just a little and we were able to find a very faint color and temp break in about 65 FOW just West of port. Once we got on that troll we began lighting up the Lake Trout and this was my view for much of the rest of the day:


We had a very nice class size of fish - most of them were low-mid teens fish, but no LOC Derby sized keepers and we didn't boat a single salmon today although we did have one real good rip on a diver that we lost. Whereas spoons had been the hot ticket the day before, today was all about our divers. We took fish on a white Spin Dr/Siggs Rigs Glow Ghost fished 140' out on a 2.5 and our Green Spin Dr/Siggs Rigs Gangster setup was the hottest of the day when it was set out 120' on a 2.5. We also took multiple spoon shots on a NK Die Hard fished at 57', and a DW Superslim Midnight Special parked at 45'. Oddly enough, we didn't take a single bite on our flatlined stick baits.


Of course, just as the trip was wrapping up the wind changed direction and we could see the color changing yet again. That's part of what makes this lake so much fun to fish - you jut never know from day to day what you're going to get and then its up to you to figure out what the day's gameplan is!

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My father and i definitely had a ball out there Sunday morning. Even though I managed to lose the only fish to rip some wire out, the cold water lakers were fun to play with. Bill and Jay run a 1st class charter, and I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great day of fishing. We had 2 boats that sucked right in on us for the last hour....it was pretty fun having an audience while we put 7 or 8 fish in the boat in that time 8) heres a few more pictures... click on them to enlarge




and I would have to say, one of the best pictures of my dad and I that we've had in a long time...Thanks Bill.


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