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Can you believe I just missed the board with an Atlantic!!!

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To the point! I fished from Thursday thru sunday at the bar. Conditions were terrible but we caught fish and I did not target lakers. Finally got some kings on sunday as the water started to clear off the river. Mostly a good steelhead bite off the boards with stickbaits. When the salmon started to play it was an all spoon bite for us. I only took 1 coho on the fly sets.

Landed this atlantic about 9am on sunday. Quite a thrill and fight. 19.5lbs certified. Congrats too the winners. They deserved the wins in the difficult conditions.



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Na I'm not into mounting and displaying fish mounts.

Actually I've caught larger AS than that one flyfishing the Canadian maritimes. Its what we call real atlanic salmon. The ones in LO are land locks. har har. But it certainly was a thrill as he came on a slider and when I got tight to him, he jumped 6 ft in the air 10 ft behind the boat! Thanks guys. RR

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