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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Superdad




Date(s): May 7 - 8

Time on Water: 9 hours

Weather/Temp: 52 - 55 Degs F

After I picked my son in Belleville at 0015 on Saturday AM, it was a short night before the alarm went off to get ourselves moving and hit the fishing grounds. Away from the dock at 0735 and a 25 minute run east of the ferry. Began the troll, getting six rods, four boards out over the side with the right speed.

The SW wind in front of the cement plant turned around the county shore and was on our backs headed easterly and wasn't causing any problems with the trolling line.

First flat line fired at 0900 and SuperDave grabbed the rod, it was my 7'6" rod, not an 8'6" trolling rod, so he had a little work to bring in the fish, it was a walleye and RedcapBert netted it, we have broken the ice. Fished tipped the scales at 7.3 lbs. Not bad for a quick start. The fish had hit a Blue/Silver/Orange J11 Husky Jerk.

Trolled over the shoal and around the bouy heading back to where we started and at 1000, the inside board screamed and RedcapBert had the rod. Superdave netted the fish which scaled at 5.25lbs. Holy cow - two fish first hour......... That fish hit a Spro Pink Minnow45, it's quite the lure. This year it's got browns and walleyes.

We continued trolling and changing lures, boats came and left the shoal area, we only saw one other net over the side. The trolling continued til 1430 and we headed for Hay Bay and the dock.

Superdave had his fish weighed and entered in the tournament - firsts fish entered by him- something new.

Talked to BayBoy on his dock fishing for perch and saw the OPP checking theboats near Ram Is. Docked the boat, and headed for the camp and brown pops that were waiting. Here's RedCapBert with his first walleye of 2011.


Thought was to go out after supper, but we were beat and after the Kentucky Derby and steaks and drinks, we passed on the evening fishing.

Decided that Sunday would be best served close to homebase, so we fished from 0800 - 1200 on the shoals close to Bayview Resort, we landed three, a dink, 16 & 18 inches for the table.


While the weekend didn't produce large numbers of fish, we were satisfied with the quality of the fish we got Saturday and happy for the table fare on Sunday.

The water temp in Hay Bay was 54 - 55 degs F and the water east of the ferry at Q1 was 51.5 degs F.

We had a good weekend with three generations fishing and enjoying the company.

Stay Tuned

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