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Oswego..Unbeleivable trip

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:F1sh-0n





Time on Water:5:00am


Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: 0-2

Surface Temp:48-54

Location:East of Oswego





Total Hits: 24,23,10,14

Total Boated:14,23,8,12

Species Breakdown:Smithwicks, Stingers

Hot Lure: NBK Stinger, Black/silver orange belly

Trolling Speed: 2.3 - 2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 15-20 FOW

Lure Depth: Downriggers down 4-5 feet




When I saw the weather report for Saturday thru Monday I told my 14 yo stepson to start packing. We got up there Friday night about 10pm after stopping at fat Nancy's on the way. Got some 411 from them and than headed to K&G lodge. On the water at 5am and headed east. Fishing was non stop action till about 11am nothing huge but some decent 6-7lbers. Went in to get some food for dinner and headed back out for the afternoon bite (which was non existant for us) and some walleye on the way in. With the Oswego flowing at 28,000 the walleye bite would have been tough. Who needs walleyes when the BT bite is that hot. Sunday back at it again and holy crap did we find the mother load. We were the only boat around and we were nailing brown after brown. We ended with 23 and one over 10lbs and came in at 2pm when the action had slowed a bit. Monday my alarm did not go off, well it did but it went off at 4:30 pm not am..ughh. Anyway for some reason i woke up at 5:30 looked outside and saw light. We threw everything together and got on the water by 6:30. We still managed 8. The water got a little rough and we called a day at 1pm. We headed over to Pulaski for a break and ended up fishing some 2 footers off the salmon river and couldn't get a rod to fire. We made it to the grindstone and back called it a night. Decided we had to stay another day and decided we're going back to oswego. Tuesday we went west of the river to only see 48 degree water. After an hour with one fish, told my son to pack it up we are going back east. Well that was the ticket. We managed 12 more browns. With one pushing 12lbs. And also my stepson got his first decent steelie at 10lbs. Also broke what I would think to be another steelie as we saw it jump a couple of times. I think our final total was 54 BT's (3 over 10lbs) 3 Steelies (1 - 10bler). This is a trip that may never get repeated but never forgotten. This was my stepson second time up. We didn't make it last year due to the weather. This kid is just as addicted as me. I mean how many 14 year olds can troll for 17 hours. Soo pumped that we had a great trip and my stepson enjoyed himself. I told him he's been spoiled for the long days with one or two kings if your lucky. I knew I married my wife for something I just didn't know it was a fishing partner..hahaha. There were tons of alewives around with birds and trout spitting them up on the deck. It should be good fishing aslong as the alewives stay around. I already can't wait to head back up.








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I met you at the ramp when we headed out for the afternoon on Saturday, you were asking your fishing partner about head lamps and I asked if you were going for walleye. We went in the direction you said but couldn't find the water you referred me to. Saw tons of birds and bait but knowing we only had a couple hrs left to fish we went back to the west (may have been a mistake but we did get one fish 11+lbs). Next time I'll ask for more specifics so we have confidence we were in the right water.

Wish our trip was half of yours. Especially with the only ones out there and catching fish comment. We were just the opposite, a bunch of boats and not a bunch of action to show for it.


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CaptSpike you had the lund right? Yeah the afternoon bite was nonexistant. But every morning we found fish in that warmer water we even found 54 degree water on Tuesday away from the mud. The water did move west but not past the river. I tried west to Rice Creek on Tuesday morning but only managed one fish. Its nice to hear from someone I actaully taked to out there. Puting an 11lber is still a good trip.

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