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Welcome to what we all consider the best fishing site in North America.

Our "Search" feature is there for you to find answers to many questions you may have on types of gear, areas fished, and many other questions you may have. There's a lot of very knowledgeable fishermen here that are extremely helpful with any questions you may have that you are unable to find answers for in the "Search".

Tournament times are usually from May thru September and some folks are understandably kinda tight lipped about sharing info on where to fish and which types of lures & colors are hot. If you search past posts in the "Fishing Reports (North or South Shore)" section there is a wealth of information available that gives info on what was hot around the general time last year or later. You can still ask a question though, and some folks will answer thru your thread or may opt to send you a "Private Message". All questions are usually answered in a timely manner.

We encourage sharing of comments, fishing reports, and photos of your catch. Please post threads in the proper sub-forum & above all, Please remember to abide by the rules you agreed to when you became a member.

So kick back, relax, & enjoy your stay here. Keep a sense of humor & TIGHT LINES.

"We Make Good Fishermen Even Better"

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Hello everyone my name is sonny .new to trolling avid hunter and fisher live pa .fish out of a 18 ft star craft looks like an octopus .i appreciate all advice if i can help with anything just ask also lease 1000 acres for hunting in pa 5 members and one is my 13 year old son hunter  

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