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Fair Haven 5/7 and 5/14

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Lilboat aboard CruzControll




Date(s): Saturday May 7 and Saturday May 14

Time on Water: First light till 1 and First light till 2

Weather/Temp: Nice 7th, Cloudy with a couple drops

Wind Speed/Direction:

Waves: <1

Surface Temp: 7th=45-49 14th=47-51

Location: Fair haven





Total Hits: 10 on the 7th; 1 on the 14th

Total Boated: 8 on the 7th; 1 on the 14th

Species Breakdown: Browns (to ~8lb) and a KING (13lb) on the 7th; a Fatty Brown on the 14th

Hot Lure: Froggy and Black/silver sticks on the 7th; Firetiger stick on the 14th.

Trolling Speed: 2-2.5 both days

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 8-80 on 7th; 10-130 on the 14th

Lure Depth: where ever they ran ..... caught bottom in too tight




Got a chance to do some Derby Fishing Saturday the 7th with RJ and decided to try Fair Haven.

Launched just as it was getting light and decided to try to the east.

Set up outside other boats working in tighter and proceeded to head east.

First fish was a nice brown ~8lb on a dolphin spoon.

Next hit was again off the rigger, with the rod justa thumpin. I yell to RJ "there, there there" and he's on it and its taking line screeming.

After a nice fight and a cool jump by the boat we land a 13lb King.

We went back through the area a couple more times but no takers so continued along to West 9-mile where there was a pack of boats and where we've done well in past springs.

Picked at the browns for the next couple hours and I lost a decent one which hit a black and silver stick fished off an inline lilplaner.

Tried out deeper to ~80' and saw some hooks but didn't move a rod.

We stretched out the equipment so when they do show up more out deeper we'll be ready willing and able.

Here Kingy, Kingy.

Nice day to be fishin in Fair Haven.






What a difference a week made...

Decided to go back to Fair Haven again.

Could see bottom today in most places vs nice stained water last week.

The south light breeze pushing the warmer water off shore, along with minimal chop made for a quite a change to the bite.

The one and only hit we had came on the noodle rod early dragging a firetiger rouge.

After quite a fight we managed to boat the fatty :) which was stuffed with some huge alewives and had a nasty eel scar.

Trolled along shore both east and west of the chute in 10-25ft. Never moved a rod after RJ spotted a couple bananas floating in the water. :(

Went looking out deeper for some action and found bait and hooks but no bites.

Another nice day on the Big O aboard CruzControll.


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