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Very Damp Report on May 14th Fishing - BOQ

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Superdad




Date(s): may 14

Time on Water: 4 hours


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 61.4

Location: Long Reach - Bay of Quinte

Got out on Saturday with HayBay Larry and headed to the big water of Long Reach, Trolled the west shore to Thompsons and back to Shermans. Lots of boats just north the light at Shermans (looked like a convention) eventually they started drifting away.

The weather held and the mist and clouds weren't a bother, the water temp in Long Reach was 61.4 Degs F.

We were trolling cranks and stickbaits off the boards and not having much luck, after 1.5 hours I decided to try a method that produced a fish last week, put the Husky Jerk back 250' on a flat line and let her go. Twenty minutes and the reel sceamed - "fish on" Took a few minutes to reel in the line and Larry slipped the net under a 19" -2.5 lbs walleye. The Husky Jerk payed off again.

We continued the troll and as we thinking about heading in, we trolled over Shermans Point Shoal and my reel screamed again. This was a much better pull and Lrry netted a real nice 6.25 lber.

I am no longer a Berkley Flicker Shad Virgin......... These lures are starting to produce - I know Laker John hit a fish with one last week.

Keith and Gary will be happy to know that their creations are paying off - at least for some.

Both of us left our cameras on the shore, so there are no pix to see.

If it rains any more, we may grow webbed feet.....The water is still coming up and the wind drives it also.

Hopefully the long weekend will have some clear skies and no moisture.

Stay Tuned

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