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wilson harbor invitational

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Everyone I talked too that fished it had nothing but GOOD things to say-"GREAT food"-Tournament town atmosphere-"well run"-even the 50/50 raffle had over a GRAND take home.

The BAD would be the fishing that day (cannot hold them responsible for that one)

And the UGLY would have to been the weather/FOG (again Mother nature threw out that one too)

Even a buddy of mine who never entered a fish sat. AND still went home with OVER $2700 in CASH & product !

I will be fishing it next year & I am sure Lake Ontario United will be much more involved again, in early spring promoting.

Congrats goes to Kevin & cast/crew for a SOLID foundation in which to grow this tournament for many years to come.


Rebel Charters

P.S. NO WAY is the Rochester fleet sitting this out next year Hooked up included !

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