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Its on fire right now in 6-7 FOW

We could have hit smallmouth every couple of minutes if we wanted to, but we were fishing for BT's

The fish looked perfect too - fat and healthy and full of fight.

Cast some stick baits from shore or flatline some off the boat.

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Thats great.....nice catch! Thats really good to hear that they are around. Did anybody have any luck last season. To my understanding guys where going down 60 + to get them. Used to be 30 was tops. We'd go find them 18-30' in front of hedges...drift bass minows and nail them one after another. I hear thats not the case anymore so spent the past few years targeting largemouth. But damn I sure miss those smallies.

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i think it has improved this year from last. I did a lot of bass fishing last year and didn't get a single out of the lake or i-bay, and have already brought in 3 in the past couple weeks. as nice as the one is i caught in this pic, i saw another guy nab one at least a pound or 2 heavier.


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