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Need help choosing speed&temp


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Looking to but a speed and temp on my boat. Im hearing alot of mixed reviews. Im down to choosing betweem the moor subtroll and the fish hawk x4.

Let me know if you have either of these or know anyone who does and how they like it. Also so pros and cons of both would be greatly helpful.

Thanks :beer:

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Many of us have one of those or a Depth Raider. Suggest you do a search under Speed and Temp, as well as the product names. You will find enough posts on the topic to keep you entertained for a day. I see this is your first post. Welcome.

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you won't be sorry with the x4, just make sure you mount your transducer with right angle, con with the moors, you have a coated cable to contend with. I get a full season out of a set of batteries in probe of x4, constant read and no cable issues. before the x4 I ran the 840 on three different boats, worked good for me but doesn't compare to their new design, my opinion........

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I run a Subtroll and it does everything I need it to do.

Running it for about 7 years now. Had one bad probe in that time.

Owned a Fish Hawk 840 and had to replace the probe and the head unit in about 4 years time.

Really hated the day and a half battery life as well.

Liked the unit when it worked except for the battery thing.

Reason I bought the subtroll was the battery life.

Don't have any experience with the new X4 except a couple of looks at the price tag.

Pricey, but I've been reading good reports on it but also a couple of problems from a couple different people on this site.

Good luck


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The Fish Hawk X-4 is a perfected version of the already excellent Fish Hawk 840.

Not to doubt Vince, but we must have had vastly different 840's. Mine was a pile of crap to the point I had absolutely ZERO confidence in the data I was receiving. I put up with it for 8 years before I finally had enough and took it off the boat and upgraded to the Depth Raider. I've been much happier with my Depth Raider than I ever was with my Fish Hawk.

It sounds like with the X4 they fixed the many issues I had with the 840, but my experience with it left such a bad taste in my mouth that I'll never own another Fish Hawk Product.

The coated cable complaints are WAY overblown IMO and I'd much rather deal with that than go backwards. Besides, I just sealed up all the holes in my transom a couple years ago and don't really want to drill any more holes below the waterline to install another transducer again.


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I have a Fishawk ( 840 w/ X4 probe) on my bigger boat and a Depthraider on the small boat. So I have an opportunity to experience both with some degree of regularity. They both work well . I have had Fishawks on my boats since the late 80's and like Vince have always had good luck with them except for the battery life issue ( i started using fishawks after experiencing the frustration of a procombinator). The new X4 has corrrected the annoyances of the older 840 and is rock solid. I installed the Depth Raider on the little boat partly because of the numerous staunch supporters ( like Tim) on this site but also because i got a heck of a deal on it.

IMO the coated cable and (associated antenna) is a significant draw back ( sorry Tim) primarily because of the blowback ( it is pronounced), but also because it adds wiring and 'clutter' on the downrigger, because it limits you to having to use the probe on that one rigger ( limits disaster/recovery capabilites) and lastly ( but not least) the need to be more judicious in the care of the cable ( a challenge when you are doubled up and have rookies on the boat) - none of these are shop stoppers but they are differentiators.

Of course , in all fairness, if you are one that has concerns about mounting/adding transducers to your boat then the X4 has a significant drawback.

Based on my experience the X4 is the better choice but a bigger inital expense - the DR is also a great unit and clearly a more economical choice

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