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Charlotte pier fishing

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yea i had to go down summerville pier because of the construction on Charlotte. the river is really muddy along with the lake side... lots of fish jumping but couldn't catch anything. do you know od any spots around here that would be good fishing?

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ive tried fishing both the charlotte and summerville sides of river this week... both early morning and midday... Didnt manage to catch a single thing...or even get so much as a bite. The water is still running pretty high and is the muddiest i think ive ever seen it. Id wager that if i cant see a cleo or blue fox 3 inches below the water, a fish probably isnt going to be seeing it either. Ive tried worms and powerbait too...the stink approach if you will... but that didnt even seem to work...

Usually even when trout and salmon arent making runs, you can still get into some good walleye, carp, perch, sheepshead or even an occasional smallmouth- but my past few trips out to the mouth of the genny have been totally unproductive. Im thinking about trying the turning point park area further upstream.... ive heard good things about the bass, catfish and walleye being taken down that way. Someone else suggested fishing the summerville pier, but the lake side instead of the genny side.

hopefully this isnt a sign of things to come once fall is upon us.

I guess the closest alternative to charlotte would be to try the boat channel connecting irondequoit bay and lake ontario... theres a nice long pier at the end of culver rd. in irondequoit, and at the end of lake rd. on the webster side as well... Ive had luck in the past few weeks using small (as in size 0 and 1) spinners off the very end of the pier, both lake and channel sides, bringing in small browns in the 12-14 inch range and decent sized smallmouth and rockbass off crawlers...though id suspect most of these were fish making there way downstream from the irondequoit creek, and are probably out into deeper water by now.

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Thank you for the update. That is what makes this form helpful. You just saved me a few trips to Summerville and hours of frustration. Everytime I drive across the Stutson Street Bridge (O'Rourke) lately I look north to the mouth of the Genesee and it looks brown, muddy, and dirty. Just makes it way to tough to fish there when it is that way. Probably did not help it poured rain and was cold the entire spring either.

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