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Tournament Fishing Rant

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Paul, that was so well wrote I read it twice...lol. The gentlemens agreement has been floating in my head for the past week. Don't get me wrong, I do not agree with the committee doing nothing. I feel at the least

they should sternly discourage and frown

upon open communication between vessels

and other fisherman. There doesn't need to

be a punishment short of being labeled a

cheat by your peers.

That being said, I think I can speak for my teammate Jeff when I say Lucky Enuff will

be glad to sign a no communication

agreement at the meeting. The only thing I

would like to see is the list of teams be

posted on line for all to see. Time to put

up or shut up guys.

Personally, I am not going to worry about a

few teams having an advantage over our

team because they didn't sign the

agreement. That will make it all the more

enjoyable when we beat them! And besides,

even if we loose to a team that didn't

sign...then we have an excuse..lmao!

C'mon guys...time to man up...count us In


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Gentleman's agreements only work among gentlemen.

It could be a bit more effective if the observer sheet has a section that mentions whether or not there has been communication. Besides (LOL) observers could make a lot more money that way....

It seems to me that integrity is not a given and for many, honor is not as worthwhile as winning.

Maybe a publicly spoken vow of adherence to the rules may help a little,although this might only work for those of us who have been in the service or in the boy scouts.

As for photo shopping pictures and removing names of sponsors in publicly distributed publications.....,there are some very strict legal limitations on these practices and in many cases it is strictly illegal to change ,remove or add anything at all in published pictures -Especially in advertizements-without the written consent of the people pictured in these publications!!!

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Just wondering what each County has at stake for these tournaments? Last time i checked the Niagara tournament is called The Skip Hartman Memorial Pro-Am. So why does Niagara County care there's no communication or communication during this tournament? Majority rules in my neck of the woods!!

Dave Hoffman

Double Play II

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mabee if i me rote the ruuls i t coulder be mucher beterest fer al.

seein me ant gonna bee inn the Pro/Ams Illll doo the dirty work give me the clipboar

with a 2 day derby the teams that want to share info will have their chance after weigh in,

now i will be sellin my secret salmon attracterant 1drop will guarentee ya first place only 25.00 a ounce please purchase at captians meeting ,as i need to catch the first plane outa the country at 7pm friday,,,and you wont see me again. :lol:

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