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Line set up for downrigger pole

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My question is what kind of line would I use for my downrigger poles? I bought two Okuma line counter reels last year and used mono on them 30lb pound Big Game line that was green in color. Is that the right type of line to use? not sure if it makes a difference using clear mono or colored? any help would be great. I plan on using DW flashers and flies this summer.

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I like 20lb Trilene XT but if your running flasher fly combo I guess it really wouldn't matter because your going to use a heavy leader to the fly. Aslong as you can fit enough line on the spools 200yards minimum. The only time I think the 20lb would make a difference is if you were to run a straight spoon. For salmon fishing I don't want to have to tie a leader and 20lb seems fine.

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