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hemlock/canadice 5/21 & 5/22


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Sat. morning we decided to hit hemlock for a relaxing day of fishing. Our spread consisted of 2- 5 color cores on walleye boards with sticks, a top line on a board with a stick, two riggers and a wire. We ended up with two smallmouth that hit the top line in close to shore. They hit a black/silver j-9. We also took 5 lakers that were the perfect size for the grill that evening :) Our best baits on them were a sutton "88" and a ss glow frog with a silver back. Both of those spoons were as tight to the bottom as possible out in the middle of the lake. I was kinda dissapointed that the 5 color cores didnt fire at all today!! Those are usually my best weapon in the spring on the finger lakes :(


Sunday afternoon my buddy and I decided a quick trip to canadice was in order. We got the boat launched around 4 and quickly we were into fish. The screen was very active right in front of the launch in about 75fow. Most of the fish were deep and feeding! Sunday's spread was two riggers, a wire and a 5 color on a walleye board. The core had a gold/black stick and finally saw some of that top 25fow action :) The riggers had a sutton "88" and a sutton "71" fished very close to the bottom. All in all it was a very good afternoon to be on canadice. btw....both lakes had surface temps that ranged from 56 to 60 deg. Here's a pic of our biggest from sunday.


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