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Memorial Day Missdemeanor

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Missdemeanor





Time on Water:5 hrs

Weather/Temp: Foggy Foggy Foggy

Wind Speed/Direction: None to speak of

Waves: zero

Surface Temp: best was 48-46 degree break

Location: No mans Land Off Rochester





Total Hits:14

Total Boated:9

Species Breakdown: Steelhead and Lakers

Hot Lure: Yeck Steelie Dan, Bloody death SS, Acid Rain SS

Trolling Speed: 2.5-2.7

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 400 plus

Lure Depth: surface




Headed out into the fog this morning. We slow rolled out to the 200 ft mark and trolled our way out to 500. Best rigs were the steelie Dan Yeck 100 ft back, Snapper Torpedo Diver and then 65 back then put that on the planer board. . Bloody Death SS and Acid rain SS. Various stingers with red and orange on them did fish also. Funny thing was we took three quality Lakers out in 500 ft on the surface...Lol..Go figure...We did catch some real healthy Steelies. Enjoy the weather and thanks to all that serve in our armed forces.....



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Thanks guys....Anthony, the steelie fishing off shore has been very good for us lately. It seems whenever I found 47 degree water, the bows were on it. I am very impressed by how the todpedo divers preformed off the boards. Can't wait to try a bigger one off the chute rigger for the

deep kings this summer

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