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Pro-Am Deadline Dates:

Niagara Pro-AM Update

The all-important Niagara USA Captain’s Meeting (including observers) will be held Friday, June 3 at the Sunset Grill, 3 Oconnell Island, Wilson, NY 14172 (Phone 716-751-6868). Just like last year, the doors will open at 5 p.m. for captain/observer check-in. Because of limited space, only the captain (team leader) and observer should attend from each team. There will be some neat appetizers that will be available starting at 5:30 p.m. (again, one of the reasons for only captain and observer to attend). The actual meeting will start promptly at 6 p.m. This is a mandatory meeting, allowing us to review the rules and conduct the pairings for the observer swap. PLEASE show courtesy when the announcements are taking place and listen to the rules. Last year, we had disqualifications because some people didn’t listen, couldn’t hear or didn’t understand the rules. Pay attention! Thank you and good luck to all involved.

Orleans Pro-AM Update

The Captain and Observer meeting for the Orleans County Lake Ontario Trout and Salmon Pro-Am Tournament will take place at the Orleans County Marine Park at 6 PM on Friday June 10, 2011. Sign-in will begin at 5 PM. Purchase of food will be available for your convenience. Looking forward to seeing all of you on June 10th.

Just a gentle reminder of all the Pro-Am deadline dates. For complete information and registration forms, check the official web at http://www.lakeontarioproam.net

This reminder is for all the procrastinators...and...you know who you are!! May 1st is this Sunday

Niagara- May 1st @5pm

Orleans-May 1st @5pm

Oswego- June [email protected] 5pm

Wayne- June [email protected]

Late payments will be accepted online only, up to two weeks after the deadlines listed above. However, late payments must be accompanied by a $50 late fee.

The Recreational Open deadline dates are:

Niagara-May [email protected]

Orleans-May [email protected]

Oswego-June [email protected]

Wayne July [email protected]

Chris K.

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It was late & I was tired. AND the Royal Wedding was on T.V. you know.

HEY extra savings for chicken/rice wraps @ Bernard,s now.

this is why my wife has NO L.O.U. account.


Runnin Rebel

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Man, you were tired! Jerry, you weren't watching the royal wedding, you were watching the exciting "replay". Anyways, whoever invented a Chicken n rice wrap sure wasn't a Salmon tournament fisherman!!!! I told you to beware of a caloric deficit! We burn 'em up just trying to "will" 'em to snap! Never slept so well did you? Was it the team mandatory push-ups?

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I will be heading out to Wilson for the Pro-Am Wednesday night, if anyone needs any last second items I would be happy to bring them out with me. We have gotten our shipment of Shark weights in for the year also. Send me an email at fatnancys @yahoo.com and we can set it up. See everyone out there. Rob

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