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Yankee's Memorial Day Weekend

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5/28 – Fun fished with Dad and some friends

We left the dock a little late because we had to wait for my father and uncle to drive the hour trip from Rochester to Wilson. We left the dock about 7:30/8am and headed offshore to see if the Salmon were still out there from the week before. We set down in 300’ of water and kept her pointed North with 3 rods fished off our Cannon DT 10’s, 2 Walker Deeper Divers, and a pair of junk lines run off our Otter Boats.

It didn’t take long and we were into fish. Just about everything we put down was taking fish. Northern King Sea Sick Waddlers, Stinger Purple Alewife’s, Stinger Gin and Tonic, Dreamweaver SS Glow Froggy, and many many more throughout the course of the day. We started the day with flasher/fly type baits on our wires, but they would only take one shot, which is when we switched over to a 100% spoon program. Riggers were parked in the top 100’ fishing the marks we were seeing on our Humminbird fish finder. All classes of Salmon were out there, but more 1 and 2 yr olds than 3 yr olds. We didn’t attempt to take any Coho, but we did see them rolling on the surface from time to time.

Overall it was a great day, and the ol’ man had a blast. Anything has to be better than sitting in the house all day! Everyone tied into a fish, or two, or three, and we all ate like Kings.





5/29 – Charter

Today we had John and his family charter us. This has turned into a family tradition the last few years. The first year John brought his daughter and her friends as a graduation present, but ever since then it has been his wife, son and daughter accompanying him. Being Memorial Day weekend the Salmon masses have moved off to other parts of the Lake so a few Kings are common, but it’s generally a Coho deal. Given our extremely cold winter and cold spring the Salmon are just getting started, so they were in for a treat!

We ran offshore in some pretty thick fog very early. I don’t think there were more than 1 or 2 boats out there before us. Radar has been a very nice luxury this year! Again, we set out a typical program which consisted of three rods fished off our Cannon DT-10’s, 2 Walker Deeper Divers, and three junk lines (5 color, 10 color, and a 300 copper). Fishing was just as good as the day before for us, and the same lures took fish, but that Northern King Sea Sick Waddler was the hero of the day. Just couldn’t keep it down! We also were able to get a little fly bite on our 300 copper pulling a Wonderdot SmartFish/A-TOM-MIK shredded Glow Hammer.

We would go flat around 11;30/12 o’clock, and go on the search with the boat pointed South so we could get through the debris field on a troll instead of on plane. About 1:30 we trolled into about 225, and the action just exploded. First the wire took off for Canada pulling a Dreamweaver Gator Mag. That fish would hit the deck and the 10 color pulling a Stinger Black Widow started to load up. A short battle and that fish hit the deck, and before we could clean the floor off the Northern King Sea Sick Waddler on the corner rigger started throbbing. In the end we would take three low teen kings within 30 minutes to end the day and complete our box on what turned out to be a spectacular day. Highlight of the day would be the 8lb Brown Trout taken over 350’ of water on our 10 color core pulling a Stinger Gin and Tonic.





5/30 – Memorial Day fishing

First and foremost I want to say thank you to all who have fought for our freedom, which allows us to do things like fish and enjoy the outdoors. Today was a lazy day spent with the girlfriend. We slept in till 8am. Went and had breakfast at the corner café in Wilson called Lucy Lou’s, and then FINALLY we made it out for some fun fishing. The fishing trip didn’t start off the way I would have liked. When we left the Wilson Boatyard marina I realized I might need a little more gas than what I had, so I busted a ‘U’ turn and headed back in to drop a c-note in the tank. After that embarrassing move we were finally ready to head out to the lake. We were greeted by the thickest fog I have ever been in, and we pushed through monitoring the radar the whole way at about 10mph all the way out to 300’ of water.

We set up slowly in the thick fog and watched as fish swam through our spread with very little action. Finally, the Walker Deeper Diver on the starboard side starts singing and Melanie was into her first real Lake Ontario hog. Not to mention it was on her favorite lure the Dreamweaver SS Dirty White Boy. I guess it catches those golden boots in Lake Erie too for her. She quickly found out why I love these Salmon oh so much over here on Lake Ontario as this heavy teen pumped the rod and splashed on the surface in between its drag screaming runs. We would go on to boat that fish as well as a bunch of jacks throughout the day. Given our late start I had no doubt the fishing wouldn’t be fast and furious, but there was enough action to keep us interested. The Northern King Sea Sick Waddler was again the go to lure for us fished off our Cannon DT-10’s. The 10 color also had its fair share of rips pulling a Stinger Black Widow. We would pull lines around 5pm, and it seemed as if the fishing was just starting to pick up, and the fog was finally lifting. However, she had a two hour trek back to Erie, and I had some scrubbing and cleaning to do on the boat. All in all it was a fun relaxing day to end a long weekend. The pro/ams will be here the next few weeks, and we are super pumped to get out there and compete. We will have many days on the water over the next 2 weeks, but the reports will have to wait until after the Orleans event.




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Very nice report again Rick :yes:... always look forward to reading those posts...uhhhhh well guess it has to be on the "to be continued" next ...hmmm... after tournament time. Good luck


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