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Pville to Hughs 5/31 PM

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Natasha 2




Date(s): 5/31 PM

Time on Water: 6:30 pm to dusk

Weather/Temp: clear and 50s

Wind Speed/Direction: light east

Waves: calm

Surface Temp: 55 to 58

Location: East out of Pultneyville





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown: Browns

Hot Lure: M. Stiner - Freezer Burn

Trolling Speed: 2.3

Down Speed: NA

Boat Depth: 10 to 20 fow

Lure Depth: surface on inline planers




Was tied up all weekend, and between the fog in the mornings didn't get the chance to get out until Monday evening - 2 hours before dusk. Was the only boat on the water and kept it simple with a slow troll to the east. Picked at them with a fish every 30 minutes - the first was a cookie-cutter brown, losted the second on the runoff, but the third fish hit like a bus, stripped 80 feet of line and leaped like a steelie. Third was the biggest at 8lbs. All released for another day.

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