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Torpedo divers?? I may purchase some but have questions

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I was considering adding some to my spread to try it out. I was told I can use that in place of my dipsey diver on my wire rod for a more stealthy presentation. How many of you use them with great success? What are the down sides to them. I do have the whole family of dive bombs and would they accomplish the same without having to purchase the Tordeos as well. Also what model would be the best for summer time kings and steel head? Feedback is always appreciated.

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i used them all last year, cuda's and musky's, using cuda's by themselves and doubling up the musky's to achieve the depth i wanted, i ran flasher flies with no problem, but when i ran spoons the clips to the divers tangled on the line (30lb braid) making it imposible to detach to bring the fish to the boat, i was careful in deploying them but to no avail it always tangled with or without a fish on, i would love to know what i am doing wrong, also i want to deploy them on my otter boards this year and would like to know if it will work

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