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Seneca - Natonal Lake Trout Derby - Iron Duke

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Started off Saturday morning setting up right out of the canal, went back and forth in about 100 fow hoping to pick up one of those pig salmon but no such luck.. So decided to head up the west side and didnt take long for it to pick up, just after the salt plant the wire fired and handed that to my girlfriend and she did a great job getting that one in to the net.. Ended up being a 7.9lb Laker which gave her 3rd place in the female division :D ...... After that we continued up the west side catching a few small salmon and my son was having a blast reeling them in, got just south of Glenora and the rigger pops and Matt grabs that one , fish came about 3 foot out of the water at the back of the boat it was crazy and he plays it and lands a beautiful 6lb brown.... Saturday it was just Matt and I so we decided to try the whole program over again we ended up picking up a 6lb landlock and a 4lb brown and that was it all morning..... Sunday we woke up to a absolute mess in the south end poured Sunday night for about 4 straight hours went out the canal weaving in and out branches and big logs the debris field went all the way to Hector and the fog was so bad you couldnt see 10 feet in front off you...Went slow all the way to Rock stream point and set up... It was so crazy you could hear the people in boats next to you but could'nt see them but all in all everyone cooperated great with the conditions we had, we ended up boating some small salmon and a 4lb laker slow slow slow....

Overall it was a great tournament and everyone had a blast and that's what its all about.... I want to thank all the boats in the Glenora area Sunday for working the radios and communicating so well together in the seriously heavy blinding fog.... That just show the respect we all have for each other and the importance of safety first, and that's why I believe that Finger Lakes Fisherman and woman are some of the best in the world!!... I want to thank Matt for letting us fish out of Skippin School III and my dad for always making me go fish with him when I was younger even though I would have much rather slept in most of the time, this sport has become a serious addiction for me in the past 3 years ....Its all starting to pay off and Im really loving the fishing and quality fish.... Great Tournament everyone and looking forward to the Red Cross..









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We fished just south of you Monday in the fog it was more fun listening on the radio and watching the boats weaving in and out on the radar. Great comunication! Fish was very slow for use one good brown on a nbk pirate. And six small lakers in 65-100 fow.

Congrats to all the winners you guys really worked for your fish. In the afternoon we watched two boats tubing in the south end thru the debris feild. Could not beleive my eyes. Great job guys!!!

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