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Niagara Bar 5/26 - 5/30

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Richard




Date(s):5/26 - 5/30

Time on Water:four days

Weather/Temp: do not know

Wind Speed/Direction: east to north east

Waves: Thur. 2 foot, Fri. 3 to 4 foot, Sat. 1 to 2, Sun flat

Surface Temp: 50 to 53 deg.

Location: off the red can





Total Hits: too many

Total Boated:60 plus fish

Species Breakdown: 2 Steelhead, 20 +/- Coho, rest Kings

Hot Lure: Glow frog and green/lemon tiger

Trolling Speed: 2.7 GPS

Down Speed: ?

Boat Depth: 200 to 350 feet

Lure Depth: 60 to 80 feet




What an awesome trip to the bar this year. Dad and I arrived at the motel in Youngstown about noon on Thursday. Unpacked and settled for a few minutes, but after an eight and a half hour ride we were eager to hit the water. We stopped in two hundred feet of water to look at the picture. Did not see anything but decided to put the rods down anyway and start the search process. I was not able to get the second rod in the water before the first rod was doubled over with what turned out to be a twelve pound Coho. Fishing was great for the next three hours. We went 7 for 10 that afternoon. Glow frog down 70 feet was our best set with a frog on a free slider. Not much action on the divers today.

Friday, we set up in the same water as the day before. Again could not get the second rod in the water without the first one screaming out drag. The morning trip was I think 15 for 20. Same set up as the day before. We decided to head in for lunch and a nap around 10:00. Retuned that afternoon and dealt with the same action. We did 17 for 19 that trip. Same lures, same depth. Waves were a little big today. We had three footers with an occasional four thrown in there.

Saturday we were again dealing with the same action for the morning but it came to an abrupt stop around 10:00 when the sun came out. We stayed out till two and then called it a day. I do not know the numbers for today. We lost count, at 9:30 when we thought it was already eleven or so because we have never caught so many fish.

Sunday was a slow start. This was the first time out this trip that I was able to get the second rod in the water without the first rod taking a fish. A friend told me that temp was lower in the water today. I dropped the riggers down ten feet more and headed for slightly deeper water. We managed a steady pick for the day going. Quit about three to get back to the motel and get the boat and gear stored for travel the next morning.

This is the first trip were my divers took so few fish but with the action the riggers were having it did not matter. We are already looking forward to next year.

A special thanks goes out to Storm Warning and his crew for just being great guys and good fishing friends. We can not wait till next year.


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We only fished for about 3 or 4 hours Sunday morning. I think it was the heaviest fog I've ever seen in my life. As far as the fishing we picked away at a few, unfortunately we lost 2 at the back of the boat. I guess it was par for the course for the weekend. It just seemed like nothing was going right the 2 days we were there. Oh well, next time. Thanks again for the info last Monday morning.

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