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Larocks Outdoors/Creative Reflections Taxidermy

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Has anyone had a fish mounted by these guys? I was supposed to but haven't seen it in a year! I gave Paul McCanna a deposit at last years Niagara Pro-Am along with my fish and haven't received a thing. All I get is bull crap answers and excuses. What a joke! I live almost 2 hours away and would like my mount. Anyone else have trouble with this wonderful place?

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LaRock's Outdoors and Creative Reflections Taxidermy are two different businesses. Early part of 2010 Paul McCanna house and taxidermy shop was destroyed by fire. LaRock's Outdoors offered Paul some space in his store to get his taxidermy shop going again. So he has been behind just a tad. I understand your feelings but please cut him some slack.

Paul does good work and will get your fish done. I will let Paul know of your concerns.

Dave Hoffman


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Thanks Dave, I spoke with Paul this morning and understand he has had a couple of rough years, and I had no intention of bashing his name. My issue was more about the lack of communication, and was wondering if anyone else was having the same troubles. I understand that good work takes time, but was told on 2 different occasions it would be done in a couple weeks. This was months ago and the skin was soaking at that time. All he had to say was it's gonna be a few months, and it would not have been an issue. Instead I have planned on it being finished twice with no success. Paul assured me he would get it done (but did not say when), and I can't wait to see it! Everyone that I have talked to said he does excellent work. When I get my fish I will take pictures and post them here and help promote his work and hopefully get him more new business! Fisherman and the people involved in the fishing business should stick together. Sorry Paul if you felt offended by my previous post. We all wish you luck with your business as well as the healing of your leg!

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