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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:3 hours

Weather/Temp:80 sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:3 mph NW

Waves: flat

Surface Temp: 50

Location:NW of channel





Total Hits: 1

Total Boated:0

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure: Glow Frog

Trolling Speed: 2.6

Down Speed: 2.6

Boat Depth: 200-70

Lure Depth: wires out 120 and 180 riggers down 40 and 60 w/ sliders




Saw reddbats report and motored out to 200 FOW last night at 5pm.

Set up and trolled south...screen was pretty barren until 105 FOW took a hit on the slider....was gone before we got to the pole.

marked a big hook down 55 over 80.

As we were pulling in I marked bait on the bottom in 55 FOW.

That was my first trip out of Sodus this year...had a good time for a short trip. If I were going to day, i'd definately work that 40-110 FOW

Probably should have run some stuff up higher...seems like it's a steelie bite.

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I too went out sunday . was on lake at 5 30 till 11 00 boated two cohos small set up in 40 flow troll to 200 flow . most marks where in 100 ft to 50 flow 40 to 50 ft down . I just cant get a hot day in sodus sure is not the oak. what happen to the kings

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Has anyone ventured off-shore, say 300+ fow? Just curious if anything is happening out there or if there are any super deep (200+ ft down) marks - we saw a TON of fish down 200-300 ft in Olcott and wonder if those are the big kings sitting down there...

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Hey zebedee

I was fishing 2 relatively small areas on my GPS on saturday, beat the two areas up pretty hard for the action I had. This time of year I have become dependent on that GPS to keep me right on the fish. And yes, it was definitely a steelie bite, probably 7 of my hits were in the top 10 foot down.

I am out of sodus almost every weekend, usually hang out on channel 8 or 68 if you ever want to talk (or u can call my cell if you want to PM me). Never hurts to have more people to talk with out there.

Tim- you may find me out in that 300 FOW on saturday, I am hungry for some kings... Give me a call on saturday if you are out


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Thanks Woody. I look forward to getting out of hughes again soon with Brett (Little Brown).


I did notice some hooks on the bottom in 130-170 FOW...I assume they are Lakers. I'm running some old Mag 10's and I get a lot of blow back when I go after those deep fish. I usually don't target lakers on the big lake bc I can just hit the fingers (close to home) for those.


I'll shoot you a pm w/ my cell. It'd be good to have a contact out there. I bounce between Sodus and the fingers in the summer. Add time with kids, wife, etc. and it's hard to keep up with the fish!

I didn't have high expectations Sun. night...I know the eve. trips are usually slower than the morning. Can't wait to get back out again!

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