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Lowrance elite-5 DSI color combo fish finder/chartplotter

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I have an HDS7 with downscan which will give a similiar picture as your elite-5. Fortunately I have LCX-25 color graph also. When looking at both I noticed the fish do not look like the the fish you are use to seeing on a regular color graph. It will take some getting use to, but it is neat in that you see things much clearer than you did before. example a bait fish blob on a regular graph versus seeing individual fish in the bait ball, seeing something on the bottom you can actually see a fallen tree with the branches not just a blob on the bottom. If you you go to "You Tube" and type in Lowrance HDS or structure scan you will get a bunch of videos not only from Lowrance but guys that are using this equipment, and hopefully you will get a better idea of what your looking for. Good luck

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If you go to bassboatcentral forums, the lowrance page as a thread pinned (first one actually) with images and interpretation. Lots of settings info in there also if you look through the threads

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