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2011 Cayuga Seneca Cup Dates !

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This year is going to be a little different. Teams will not be limited to just there home lake, on any given weekend, members of either team may fish either Cayuga or Senaca.

Scoring will be the same. Send in weight of your heaviest five fish. I will take the heaviest five from all team members and that will be the weekly total for the team. I will also track who contributes to the weekly totals so we know who, at the end of year, has contributed the most , second most, third and so on to the winning teams total. This information will be used to set the pay out for the winning team. Losing team gets nothing.

Entry fee will be $80. Based on two 5 man teams an example payout is below.(once teams are set a pay out schedule will be adjusted to match number of entries. ALL money will be payed out.

1st. $230

2nd. $155

3rd. $130

4th. $105

5th. $80

This leaves $100 to be used for a $10 weekly lunker fund. ALL money will be paid back.

Please choose your team on this thread so we can get a count. PM me for payment info.

Schedule of events will show tourney's if they are the same time frame (two birds with one stone) if interested. Both days of the weekend can be fished to help those with tight schedules or to fish around bad weather.

1.April 30-May 1

2.May 21-22 (B & B Spring)

3.May 28-30 ( 3 day National LT Derby)

4.June 11-12

5.June 25-26

6.July 9-10 (Red Cross)

7.July 23-24 (24th LOU-ALL)

8.August 13-14 (13th Light House Derby)

9.August 27-28

10. Weekend of B & B Fall, don't have a date yet, will post later.

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