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Sandy Creek Shootout

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On behalf of the Sandy Creek Pen Rearing Project I would like to say thank you to the Shoot Out Committee ( Rob,Keith and Scott and anyone else I may have missed)

for again including the project as the recipient of the 50/50 donation to the project.

The donation will allow to purchase the material for new pen frames, nets and associated hardware.

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Congrats to Team Trout and about and all the other teams that placed. It was a great tourney. The fishing was good but we had to work for that bigger fish bite. I also would like to thank the derby organizers for their hard work. Everyone went home with a nice bag of lures and other goodies. Another job well done. Can't wait for next year!

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Thanks to everyone that made this happen. It is getting better every year, and that is do to all guys that work hard yo put this event on. Conrats to Trout N About for is first place win again. Maybe next we need to throw some bananas on his boat to slow him down a little....hahaha jk great job you guy s and every one who placed in the money. I guess i should have just went for one of the copper prizes :D . Thanks again and can't wait till next year.


-Jakey Baby-

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Great job and thank you to each of committee members for putting on another great event. Kudos to Jason and Trish for a stellar showing. It was great getting a chance to put more faces to names and we are already looking forward to next years event! Great job everyone :clap::yes:

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" I guess i should have just went for one of the copper prizes "

Worked for me...culled a 25 lb'r so team skipper could collect on some blood run copper from Captains Cove.....ok ok.. Well that fish just knew I needed something to go home with so it kinda culled itself to lighten my box, 30 ft from the back of the boat after 400 foot run off a downrigger dragging a big doctor spoon in goby color. Any way that just goes to show that even a near last place box could go home with a prize. And the sponsor bag was a big plus ...easily worth the entire event for the fun and good fishing and the goodies. This was fun and thanks to all who run in the background to make it happen. Also for Keith and Scott for helping me sign up in a last minute entry and make team #33 all during their evening Friday fish fry at the restraunt.

Bruce at Sandy creek Marina for the fine gasoline at the dock, made my Yammy run great, top speed has increased and engine pulled 200 more rpm than the auto station. Also for useing his personal drive way to turn around in after missing the marina drive (wish it was shorter and had a circle in it to u-turn), but I needed to brush up on my backing skills anyway.

Was good fishing but the little ones were really aggressive and grabbing almost anything that went down before the bigger fish had a chance. My team mate Art and I hosted everything except a Laker, and our four rod spread took around 15 fish to the boat and a couple losses including the one that would have cost me the gift certificate from Captains Cove :lol:

Thanks to everyone who participated in the tourny and It's sponsors for making it happen, and for making it encourage 1st time entrants like me to get the feet wet. Everyone did go home with something ....even me :yes:


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THANKS To ALL... in no particular order....

JC for the good weather...... sure beats last year.

Participants...... for the "tourn"-out.... again, beats last year...


Keith, Rob, and Scott..... What a great team. With such experienced folks, it sure makes the snags smaller.....

Mikhayla(s)........ great penmanship on the leaderboard....

Kara and Christie for running the pen rearing fifty fifty........ you wouldn't trust a fisherman with that kind of money would you?

Charlie........ for being the MC..... great job again! The "voice" of Sandy Creek! (Who the hell is the egyptian lady anyway?)

Bartons' Catering....... good food! Great people.....

I'm sure I missed some........getting old.

Anybody seen Jerry? He had an interview? He's not giving up any more BT secrets is he?


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Team Trophy Seeker (Jim, Greg, Joe, and Scott) would also like to thank Scott, Keith, and Rob, as well as everyone else who was involved in this event. This tournament was very well run, and a lot of fun for us. This, for me personally, was my first tournament, and was a pleasurable experience. Our team really liked the informal, laid back style of this event. We look forward to participating next year.

But damn - you guys sure have a helluva population of mosquitoes over there...

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Congratulations to all of this years winners! Congratulations to Capt Jason Franz and Team Trout-n-About for their back to back wins in the Shootout.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this years event and of course we hope to see you all again for next years event. We hope to continue to give you guys a great tournament on the basis on which it was started.

A special thanks to the Shootout sponsors...


Legendary Products


Captains Cove

Nuts Corners


Blood Run Tackle

Great Lakes Angler Magazine

ITO Flies



Northern King

Lake Ontario Outdoors

Northstar Gun Club

Pro Marine/ East Fork Marina

Sandy Creek Marina

Sleepy Hollow Marina

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Our team would like to put in a protest for no prizes given to the biggest Lake Trout. Every other cold water species had a "special" prize. Its like you Sandy guys have no respect for such a wonderful species. That alone may keep us from fishing other Sandy events until the prestigiouness of the Lake Trout is brought back.

LOL...just kidding..im gonna take a beating over this fish......

On behalf of the Yankee Troller tourney team we would like to thank the tourney committee and volunteers. This was a fun event, and seeing a lot of the LOU members was a bonus. Cant wait for next year.

P.S. In the next 12 months please get your misquito population in check.

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i agree ...i think if we put in a protest now we could a rule change for next yr. :) ..but then again how much did that fish help you get the 2n'd place finish ?...congrats to all the participants and next yr. i will be there one way or the other. :)

on a side note i think the commitee should think about awarding a donuts prize. after all if someone drives 280 miles to fish the event....thats the least you can do... :lol:

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ladyblue we also drove 280 miles ,plus some ,so dont feel bad if ya dont finish in the money...it was a well run derby with over 90.00 in retail worth of lures and other items in the team bags..their are 2 decent marinas that you can trailer your boat to ,,,

Their are a lot of helpful fishermen to help you learn to fish if your lacking on lakeontario fishing skills.

Iwould suggest arriving a day early so you can learn how to get to the lake from the marinas,,,so you dont go the wrong way up the creek.

So dont be afraid to give a derby or two a try ,,,Ya never know , dont let being a newbie hold ya back as they say "ya gotta be in it to win it"...

Maybe you should take a charter or two outa sandy creek their are some great charters their and they can get you started ,with a sucessfull program you can try off your own boat...... PS I recomend a 18ft in case the wind kicks a little ..

Hope to see ya at a few derbys around the lake,,,,,,,take the big leap and enter a derby. Good Luck

Ray K.

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